Thematic assembly of Management Board and key stakeholders of Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness cluster – Strengthening competitiveness of Croatian Defense Sector

The Thematic Assembly meeting of the Management Board of the Defense Industry Competitiveness cluster was held on July 12, 2017, in Karlovac (at the location of largest producer and exporter in sector – company HS product Ltd.) with the aim to improve the competitiveness of this sector in the Republic of Croatia. Representatives of the most important companies within the sector (companies: ŠESTAN-BUSCH ltd., HS-PRODUKT ltd., DOK-ING ltd., OIV ltd., AUDIO-VIDEO TREND ltd., 2ZCONCEPT ltd) presented their common views of the state of play within the sector to representatives of central government bodies important for this Sector: Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia – Assistant Minister Mr. Roman Mikulic, Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds – Head of Sector Marija Rajaković, Agency ALAN d.o.o. – Director Ivica Nekić, and Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts – Head of service, Goran Basarac.

The representatives of the institutions received a detailed insight into undergoing cluster initiatives along with detailed and deliverable activities that cluster wishes to implement and considers important for the further strengthening of the sector competitiveness.

Also at the meeting, HS Produkt Ltd. presented their Project of new Competence center for advanced manufacturing and mechatronics (CEKOM NP 4.0) with the foreseen activities and investment plan in 2017. In that regard, research collaboration was offered to all present companies within their own areas of interest that could be comatible with areas of interest of newly established Competence center. After the meeting, a small reception was organized for all the members of the meeting, where they further discussed the format of joint conclusions.