One of the tasks of the Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster (CDICC) is to actively identify, coordinate and develop strategic projects of interest to the whole Sector of defense and security, primarily those related to investment in research, technological development and innovation.

We are particularly striving for projects to be in line with the selected thematic priority areas of the
Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Croatia 2016-2020 (RIS 3). For the operations and project preparation of the Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster, the most important Thematic Priority Area of the Smart Specialization Strategy is the thematic area SECURITY.

The Republic of Croatia is the only EU member state that has decided to develop the SECURITY tematic AREA through investment in R & D and incorporate it into this key strategic document for EU Funds usage.

The SECURITY area is divided into 3 key areas that have proven capabilities in research, technological development and innovation projects, both from industry sides and from the perspective of the academic community.

3 The key areas under the SAFETY S3 Strategy Areas are :

Defence technology and “dual-use” products

Cyber security


Mine Action Area


Strategic PNI Projects

Within framework of operational enforcement of Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020, Priority Axis 1b/Specific objective 1b2 it was envisaged to establish specialized innovation infrastructure – Competence centers as strategic projects of national interest (PNI). According to Terms and Conditions of the announced public Call to establish and support Centers of competence in Croatia, this strategic innovation infrastructure could not be established without the formal approval (in form of obtaining label of industrial importance) from at least one of Competitiveness clusters.

Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster selected and labeled project of the Competence Center, CEKOM NP 4.0. Industry 4.0 and Process Automation.

Creating project pipeline in the new financial period of use of ESI Funds 2020-2030 and the European Defense Fund presents next-generation task of the Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster and one of the key goals of Cluster activities in the future.

List of contracted and labeled Strategic (PNI) projects of Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of Defence Industry:

ŠESTAN – BUSCH d.o.o. – „Multifunctional protective helmet“ – „more about“..

HS Produkt LTD. – Project CEKOM NP 4.0 „more about“..

Dok-Ing LTD. – Remotely controlled autonomous vehicle against Nuclear/Mine/Biological threats „more about“..

IRI Center of Competence for R&D activities within Defence dual-use area „more about“..

"Dual use"

"Dual-use" technologies and products are those that are normally used for civilian purposes, but which can also have military applications (Spin in). At the same time, certain technologies that are developing in the military segment can also potentially be used for civilian purposes (spin-off). There are numerous examples of good practice in which military technologies found their place in civilian use and vice versa, for example, the use of carbon fiber began in the military, and only later they began to be used more for civilian purposes. The Republic of Croatia is the only country at the level of all EU member states that has decided to emphasize and support the development of this specific area. Through investment in defense technology and dual-use products and through exploiting its strong manufacturing base in this specific industrial area, the Republic of Croatia wants to invest in all the technologies and manufacturing capabilities that are essential to maintaining and boosting competitiveness.


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Cyber security is a unified set of technologies, processes and experiences designed to protect computer networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. One of the most problematic elements of cyber security is a fast and constant development of the nature of security risks. The area of cyber security records strong global growth due to the increasing and continuing reliance of society as a whole on networking and use of information systems.


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The “Mine Action Program” sub-thematic area refers to a specific market niche associated with the initiated Demining Program implemented by the Republic of Croatia since the end of the Homeland War, within which a remarkable level of professionalism and expertise was reached to address this growing problem in a global society, especially within the war-affected areas of Globe. Through years of active participation in the mine action program, because of mines left from the Homeland War, Croatia has developed one of the largest organized international demining system that was recognized as a regional model. Within its Mine Action Program, the Republic of Croatia has achieved a wide international recognition and reputation as a prestigious, reliable and successful partner. The acquired knowledge, skills, abilities, capacities and contacts, can, therefore, be transferred and used in countries that have yet to face the solving of their mine problems. Croatian companies involved in these operations have developed expertise and world-class technological capacity for this type of business. Croatia is successfully present in demining activities on all continents. Through the implementation of cooperation, primarily through training activities, and educational activities in the field of mine action, Croatian Mine Action Centre through CROMAC-Centre for Testing, Development, and Training (as a key operative body for humanitarian demining) opened major political and economic potentials in various countries.


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ŠESTAN-BUSCHLTD. -"Multifunctional protective helmet"

The project of developing multifunctional safety helmet through R & D activities aims to develop a new product for Safety and Rescue area: a multifunctional protective helmet with high technical and technological characteristics. This creates the prerequisite for the diversification of the company Šestan Busch Ltd. from the segment of production of mainly defense products to more civilian components connected to the security segment

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HCR-CTROLTD. - Center of competence project

The project aims establishing Competence center for detection and removal of explosive devices and post-conflict rehabilitation. The purpose of the project is technologically, systematic improvement in the domains of discovery and removal of explosive remnants of war (ERW-a), and the formation of improvised explosive devices and explosive devices CBRN terrorism and innovation system for decision support, particularly through advanced technology survey in cases of natural disasters, forest fires , pollution of land and sea, and improvised explosive devices.

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JACQUARDLTD. - Innovative project: new Product development

Project IRD Patent for ID is focused on solutions for military and police sector (dual purpose). Targeted results for the defense industry are: masking in both spectrum fields, unmasking in the near infrared spectral field in exactly defined band, inserting messages and signals in the infrared spectral fields and inserting bar-code or other electronic signal which can prevent the suffering of friendly fire.

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HS ProduktLTD. - Center of competence project CEKOM NP 4.0

The Project Competence center for advanced manufacturing and mechatronics (CEKOM NP 4.0) has activities planned under five thematic areas: Robotic workstations, Optoelectronics, Non-destructive testing, Mechatronics and Advanced Production measurements. Specific objective of the project is the development of new products - the complex mechatronic systems , advanced manufacturing robotic lines, measurement, test and calibration solutions and products that can be applied in industrial production to improve existing manufacturing processes and quality control of the same.

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Insig2LTD. - Project DRON

Aims in creating drones for security purposes in order to improve the concepts and technologies used in the implementation of security systems intended for military applications, and applications using drones in control of areas larger geographical area (state border, military facilities, national parks, etc.), search and rescue operations, control and forest fire prevention, inspection of infrastructure facilities such as power lines, dams and the like, the measurement of parameters in contaminated areas (chemical, biological, radiological and others. forms of contamination), access to and inspection of suspected areas and integration into existing security systems used for military application.

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Ruđer Bošković Institute

The project Center of competence with the specific aim of modernizing the equipment of research and development laboratories to increase knowledge’s and create favorable concepts and projects for defence industry players in “dual use” technologies and KET technologies.

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Dok-ingLTD. - Center of competence for autonomous special purpose systems

The development of the Centre of Competence (CEKOM) for autonomous special purpose systems, which aims to establish a center for theoretical research, computer and experimental aspects of the autonomous system or its modules: the development and promotion of autonomous, multifunctional, interoperable and compatible systems for the army, police, firefighting, civil defense, development of security systems in industries that require autonomous systems to perform specific tasks without the presence of man, and researches on inspection and control mobile sensor systems for work in extreme and hazardous conditions.

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Dok-ingLTD - Innovative project Product development

Research and development project of a prototype remote controllable vehicles to combat IEDs / FEN and CBRN threats for which is expected to result in the development of multifunctional, interoperable and compatible vehicle for all kinds of emergencies defined as extremely hot zone for the purposes of the first responses of military, police and civilian force.

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IRI Center of Competence for R&D activities within Defence dual-use area

A Project IRI Center of Competence, in its anticipated activities and research and development activities, seeks to improve the area of Defense dual-use technologies and products within the niches like: development of DRON aircraft and advanced border protection systems, development of advanced systems for propulsion machinery of special purpose vessels (lower consumption, lower noise, higher efficiency), etc.

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