The company INsig2 from Zagreb operates in the field of cyber security. By membership of companies of this profile in CDICC, the Cluster activities confirm the versatility and the totality of the concept of defense itself, which does not involve only weapons and military equipment. The engineering and the design of safe ICT systems for use in the defense sector represents a true challenge for any business. Any security system implemented in the defense sector must necessarily be flexible, especially in emergencies, when you need to switch the emphasis from the stable functioning of the security system (prevention, deterrence and protection functions) to the emergency mode when the security system must provide all information necessary for the rapid, sudden and effective intervention of forces on the ground. Security systems based on modern ICT technologies will link the defense vulnerable and geographically remote locations in a hierarchically fully integrated unit. During the last 10 years INsig2 built several extremely complex, sensitive and demanding security systems for the clients from the region, as well as for global clients. This is also one of the few companies from the Republic of Croatia which has successfully participated and passed the international NATO tender for the development and establishment of security systems within the NATO headquarters.