The core activity of the company Galeb Plc. is the production of garments: underwear, upper garments and nightwear. The factory and manufacturing facilities are located in Croatia, in the area of Omis. In the framework of the defense industry activity, Galeb Plc. plays a significant role in terms of developing a range of specialized products so that the line Galeb functional underwear was initiated. Such types of underwear protect the skin in extreme conditions (such as combat operations, firefighting, rescue, working on oil rigs, etc.) and these specialized products can be classified into three categories: (i) underwear with improved management of moisture (sweat) produced by the body, (ii) underwear with improved thermo-regulatory properties, i.e. with a better shielding of the body from external influences, and (iii) underwear with improved protection from fire, heat waves and accumulation of static electricity..