The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) is one of the largest and best equipped faculties on the University of Split campus. FESB specialized in technical research fields, given that these areas are the drivers of economic development of each country, Croatia included. In the context of the defense industry and the broad concept of defense, as a respectable educational and scientific institution, FESB provides technical and academic support to some elements of the defense and security industry in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, naval architecture and computer science. Some of the major projects associated with the defense and security industry are: the development of autonomous underwater vehicles – submersibles (potential dual-use), the development of software solutions in the integration with unmanned aircraft in the field of protection and rescue (determining the GPS location of injured or missing persons – Wi SAR project) and the development of autonomous surface vehicle (modular platform which allows for easy change of functionality depending on the planned mission – potential dual use in border control).