At the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb, significant cooperation was realized in the development of R&D projects for the Croatian Ministry of Defense and the Croatian Ministry of the Interior. Research projects have a direct application in the real sector because they provide development trends for manufacturers within the textile and footwear industry.

With partner institutions, the Faculty of Textile Technology prepared several R&D projects related to the development and design: new military boots (winter, summer and winter desert color boots for the Navy, boots for the Air Force fliers and shoes for the Navy) and the new military backpacks and modular combat vests. Such equipment is used by units of the Croatian Armed Forces and members of the international forces and it meets NATO standards (STANAG), thus being an important export product of the Republic of Croatia. In cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of the Interior, the research and development project was designed focusing on the development and condition of uniforms and footwear of the Ministry of the Interior employees, in the framework of new winter and women’s winter uniform for the basic, border, intervention and special police and the new police summer and winter boots were designed.