Defense technologies and dual-use products in Croatia

Sub thematic area of RIS 3 Strategy of Defense Technology and “dual purpose” products is one of the most important segments of the overall Thematic Area SECURITY. The Croatian defense/security industry represents very important part for this area, given that the producers from this industry segment represent a very strong industrial base directed towards the development of state of the art and high tech value products. The export orientation of highly sophisticated products and services is a major concern for companies operating in the defense sector.

Some of the reference examples of high-tech products of the Croatian defense industry are: (i) vehicles and vessels of various uses – such as (i) military vehicles (Patria program), (ii) military vessels (patrol boats), (iii) police patrol boats, (ii) UAV’s firearms and security forces, robotic platforms, unmanned vessels (underwater and surface) for oversight of the marine border, (iii) advanced protective equipment (balistic helmets and anti-riot equipment), (iv) assault weapons (pistols and assault rifles, snipers, grenade launchers).

The thematic priority area of „Defense Dual-use” products presents a link and application area for different products and services that come from various Croatian industries and sectors and that can have dual application. Through investing in “dual use” defense technology and exploiting its strong manufacturing base in this specific industrial segment, the Republic of Croatia wants to invest in all the technologies and manufacturing capabilities that are essential to maintaining and boosting competitiveness.

Indicative research-development topics related to the “dual use” field and of interest to Croatian defense sector:

• Materials engineering (protective clothing and equipment);
• Automated advanced production (e.g. Industry 4.0., automation, robotics, automation);
• Unmanned and automated remotely controlled systems for UAV’s;
• Real-time aerial multispectral imaging solutions in connection to laser technologies (LIDAR);
• Advanced digital and communication technologies;
• Unmanned vessel (underwater and surface), as systems for surveillance of the maritime border and maritime traffic, as well as the prevention of ecological disasters;
• Process and embedded computer automation and control processes (microcontrollers, sensors, lasers for positioning the object, PLC’s, HMI’s, SCADA systems);
• Technological solutions for control and protection against the use of biological agents in terrorist purposes;
• Medical counter measures against CBRN & CW agents;
• Anti-riot program.

EU Funded project for the research and development activities that would lead to a prototype of a new multifunctional helmet. Project beneficiary; Šestan-Bush ltd., Project Value: 1.135 Mil EUR, EU Financing from ERDF; 680.000 EUR. Development project simultaneously corresponds and unifies answer to rising civilian threats (fire and industrial protection), while certain research results can also be used for the development of military helmets in certain components.

EU funding of the development of a completely new UAV for company DOK-ING ltd., which can be used simultaneously for anti-terroristic purposes while at the same time it can be used for approaching dangerous sites by security and civil protection forces (e.g. fireplaces of explosive materials)